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Out of all the states in the Union, Oregon was one of the first to enact legislation requiring bartender certification or bartender licensing. OregonBartendingLicense.com is dedicated to providing bartenders, alcohol sellers, and alcohol servers in the state of Oregon with information, online training, and links to help them get certified and licensed to bartend or serve alcohol responsibly in Oregon.

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In Oregon, a bartender or alcohol seller/server is required to take a course approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. An approved certification course, such as the training courses offered here, will contain important information regarding the responsible sale and serving of alcohol. This will include, among other things, how to reduce drunk driving, the proper methods and techniques to check IDs, ways to identify and stop service to intoxicated customers, and different methods to prevent and defuse disturbances in your establishment.

If you need to renew your Alcohol Service Permit or need Seller/Clerk training, please click here.
Oregon Alcohol Service Permit, Bartending License
Get your Oregon Alcohol Service Permit through PSCC:

The PSCC Oregon Responsible Serving® course has been approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and fulfills the training requirement for obtaining an alcohol service permit.  

It takes TWO STEPS to receive your Oregon Service Permit through PSCC:
  1. Complete the approved PSCC OR Responsible Serving® training course
  2. Apply directly to the OLCC for a service permit. Get Oregon Alcohol Service Permit. Alcohol Bartender license
Information on how to apply to the OLLC for your Service Permit is included in the PSCC OR Responsible Serving® course.

Other Training Courses by PSCC:

Alcohol Service Permit Renewal:
If you have taken an Alcohol Server Education class within the past seven years, you are eligible to take an alcohol server training renewal class. 
If you are not sure if you qualify for a renewal class, contact the OLCC at 503-872-5114 or 800-452-6522 ext. 5114 to verify your eligibility. 
Click the link above to take our Approved Alcohol Server Education class to renew your service permit in Oregon. After you've completed the course, you will also need to apply directly to the OLCC for a service permit. Instructions for how to do this are included in the Alcohol Server Renewal online course.

Rserving also provides additional seller / clerk training for employees of "O" licensees. This course has been approved by the OLCC for:
  •    Clerk Training 
         Post-violation training for clerks to meet OLCC requirements.
  •    Seller Training 
         Pre-violation training for clerks.

Bartender Mixology Course:
Forty (40) hour interactive bartender training online. Training in alcohol, wine, customer service, job placement assistance, and more. 

FREE Employer Account:
Get your entire staff of bartenders or alcohol sellers/servers through any of our alcohol training and certification courses, including the PSCC Oregon Responsible Serving® course. Track their progress as they move through the course and more.

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